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Medical tourism refers to traveling to another country to receive medical treatment.

Turkey has developed extremely in terms of medical infrastructure in the last 20 years.
In addition to boosting tourismˋ, the state has also placed a great deal of focus on the medical sector, which has enormously increased the qualifications and experience of dentists and doctors. Furthermore, the latest technologies are used almost exclusively - be it treatment methods or the utensils at the dentist.

We treat the entire spectrum of dental treatments - starting with smaller treatments with composite fillings, through root canal treatments, to tooth extractions or implantations.
We also make zirconium crowns or EMAX veneers to give you a bright white smile.

The length of stay depends on the type of treatment, but can usually be completed with short trips. We try to arrange your stay in such a way that you also have free time to see some of the beauty of Istanbul during your stay.

When you first contact us, an investigation is carried out via photos and videos. Dentists decide what can be done to the teeth. Based on the diagnosis, we create a free and non-binding cost estimate. If this appeals to you, all you have to do is book the flight tickets and leave the rest to us.

The easiest and fastest way to enter the country is by plane. It is important that you aim for one of the two airports in Istanbul (SAW/IST).
Our VIP transfer picks you up from the airport and drives you to the clinic for your appointments and back to the hotel after the appointments. On the day of your departure, we will of course plan your return trip to the airport in good time, so that you never have to struggle with a taxi or public transport!

We grant a 15-year guarantee on our zirconium crowns, a five-year guarantee on veneers and a lifetime guarantee on the implants.
If you have pain, problems or other concerns after your return journey, you can contact us at any time via our WhatsApp customer support. We also have a partner practice in Berlin, which will look after and treat you with any concerns without you having to travel to Istanbul again.

You pay the prices for the treatments on site either in cash or credit/debit card.